Friday, November 21, 2008

Google search allows you to give them feedback

Google news today linked to a couple hundred articles about how Google Tool Lets Users Edit Search:

Google Inc. Thursday began allowing users to re-rank and edit their search results through a new set of personalization features the company hopes will make its dominant search engine more useful.
The SearchWiki tools, as the company calls them, allow anyone logged into a Google account to move up results they find interesting, delete ones that aren't useful and add personal notes through markers that appear next to each entry on Google's standard search results page.


This sounds cool, but I wonder how many people with sites on the second page will try to get their site onto the first page. My first thought is that only people who are trying to increase the rank for their sites will bother to give feedback.

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Sebastian said...

I wonder about the potential for vandalism. Rosetta Stone filed a lawsuit against a language software company that was buying links to the search "Rosetta Stone Complaints" and then linking to articles that seemed neutral but that RS claims were fraudulent reviews against RS.
Similarly there are stories of links to searches that put together a politicians name and a derogatory phrase.

Henry Cate said...

I believe there will be some fraud and vandalism. I wonder how large it will be, and what Google will do to minimize the effect.