Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Interesting thought on breaking America into two camps

Tom Smith has an interesting way to separate America into two camps - Maybe it's all about kids:

Maybe there are two Americas: one likes kids, the other doesn't. Maybe it's just that simple.

His post is largely political, but it is an interesting thought.

(Hat tip: Instapundit)

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April said...

Henry - Some of those childish things have such great side effects, though! My husband has played Civilization III and IV for hours while my twin 7 year old daughters watch, breathlessly. They beg him to play, and have learned so much about hard to teach concepts. Exploration, the roles of technology and innovation, geopolitical maneuvering, prioritizing and allocating resources. It's great stuff! And now, as we study history, they recognize the people and cultures featured in that game.

Maybe those childish things are best left for kids, who have the blessed free time to indulge in free-form learning (and time-wasting, too!). I know I ultimately was turned off of The Sims when I realized I was so worried about how I was allocating these fake people's time, and meanwhile I was using my real time up on the computer! (Something I'd have never let my little Sim people get away with!) Well, maybe that was a good lesson learned, though!

Enjoyed the post!

Henry Cate said...

I think to be really mature you have to know when to be childish.

I love Civilization, thought II and IV are my favorites.