Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Adding social buttons to your posts

Digg, Reddit and Delcious are productive social bookmarking sites to check out. I scan Digg and Reddit almost every day. They are a way to take advantage of the Wisdom of Crowds and find cool sites. There are dozens, or maybe hundreds, of similar sites.

If you have never checked them out, give them a gander. They are interesting.

These sites provide a couple basic services. They provide a way for people to submit web sites and articles. They provide a way to aggregate the interest people have in the submissions, for example allowing people to vote up or down. And they provide a way for people to come in and review the submissions.

Now when we host a carnival, I add buttons at the bottom of the carnival to make it easy for readers to vote for the carnival, thus increasing the exposure. I don't bother to add the buttons for each post I write, because I figure most of my posts are fairly average and I don't want to spam these services.

If you like to experiment with adding these buttons to your blog, here are pages explaining how to add for the three services I frequent:

Digg buttons

Reddit buttons

Delicious buttons

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Bob Durtschi said...

I look at and Reddit almost daily myself. But I've noticed that Reddit over the last couple of months has morphed into a rabid ant-republican, anti-christian site with not nearly the "meat" content that it had when I first started viewing it


Henry Cate said...

I saw this same pattern with the newsgroups. I use to follow dozens very closely, back in the 1980s and 1990s, but as more people started following them, the groups ended up with more noise and less signal.