Thursday, August 21, 2008

Have you won a battle in the Culture War?

Rebecca Hagelin starts of her column The Culture Battle with the question:

"How are you doing in your fight against a culture that's gone stark raving mad?"

Rebecca's first book, Home Invasion: Protecting Your Family in a Culture that's Gone Stark Raving Mad, was about the many ways our culture is destructive to children.

In her column Rebecca explains that she is in the process of writing a second book about how parents successfully fight against the many, many negative influences in our society. She is looking for input from parents who have success stories:

"I'm working now on a parenting “how to” book (due out just before Mother’s Day, 2009), and I’d like to include your anecdotes and victories. Any stories chosen for inclusion will be identified by first name only, to protect your privacy. Just e-mail them to me at"

I've sent an email explaining that by homeschooling our children we have greatly reduce the negative influences. Our daughters still see most of the normal aspects of our society, but they are not constantly bombarded.

If you have a good anecdote you might send Rebecca an email.

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Crimson Wife said...

We don't have cable/satellite and don't get any broadcast TV reception. That helps keep a lot of the commercialism, promiscuous sex, and gratuitous violence away from our kids. Videos, CD's, books, magazines, and toys are screened for wholesomeness before they're allowed into our home as well. Limits on media plus homeschooling really makes a big difference in terms of minimizing the effects of toxic pop culture.

But it's not all just saying "no"; it's also about providing a thorough grounding in positive values. We don't treat sex as something dirty to be ashamed of, but rather as a wonderful gift from God to be enjoyed as an important part of a loving and committed relationship between the husband and the wife.

Henry Cate said...

You make a great point about not just focusing on the "Don't Do's."

There a line about being two ways to move a donkey, with a carrot or with a stick. We want our daughters to move towards good things, not just away from bad activities.