Thursday, August 14, 2008

Another new search engine

Late last month I blogged about Cuil. I've played around with a bit. It seems OK, but I think that right now Google is better.

I was surpised to read about another internet search engine: Wikipedia founder aims to break Google stranglehood. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales is concerned that most of the internet searches are handled by Google, Microsoft and Yahoo!

Industry statistics showed over 90 percent of Internet searches in the United States are done through the three firms, he said.
"So a lot of people are really concerned about this... Do we really want all of our traffic, all of our editorial control of the Internet all being piped through one, two or three companies?

I was surprised to read that Wikia Search will be an open platform. There is ability to influence how some certain entries are ranked higher than others. One interesting feature, as you scroll down, more entries are added.

I played around with Wikia Search a bit. Google puts our blog on the top twenty hits for homeschool. Wikia Search puts our blog after the first 40 hits. Hopefully they'll improve their ranking soon! :-)

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Lance said...

I commend Cuil for trying to go up against the "big guys", but it appears they have a little work to do yet. I have high hopes that they'll one day be a contender.

If you're interested in novel search engines, check out, which has an interface that seems to be styled after the Apple Macintosh "cover flow" interface found in
Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard)
and iTunes.

Happy Surfing!


Henry Cate said...

Thanks. is interesting. I'll play with it some more later.