Thursday, March 06, 2008

The interview went well

Janine is a contact person for a local homeschool group. A reporter for a local television called this morning around ten after finding her name via Google. It was funny, about five to ten minutes later another reporter for another television station called. Janine directed the second television station to a homeschooling friend of ours.

I came home about 11:45 AM. The reporter and cameraman showed up about noon. They were very polite.

The reporter wanted the girls to be working around the kitchen table and Janine helping them as a "typical day of homeschool." Normally Janine gives the girls a list of things to do for the week and provides little direct supervision. Janine went ahead. The girls buckled down and did their work.

While the cameraman was in the kitchen with Janine and the girls, the reporter interviewed me in the living room. He asked general questions about homeschooling, like why did we get started, what advantages did we see, and how we homeschooled. They he asked me about our reaction to the recent California court case "outlawing" homeschooling. I said that there had been multiple United States Supreme court rulings acknowledging parent's right to homeschool their children and I figured things would work out in the end.

Next they had us get together in the living room. We chased the girls and our foster care toddler upstairs, so it would be quieter. The reporter covered some of the same questions. Janine and I took turns answering.

It was all over about 12:45.

We watched our 60 seconds of fame tonight. We were featured about 5:15 and 6:30. I thought it went well. Janine was worried that we looked mad. Our middle daughter tried to comfort Janine and said "You only looked tired." Janine wasn't comforted.

If we ever get interviewed again we'll try to smile more. Janine said she'd wear some makeup.

It was kind of fun.

Funny thing was we got yet another call this afternoon. The local newspaper called. We'll see on it goes.

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Idaho Dad said...

Anyplace we can see the interview?

Janine Cate said...

I sure hope not! ; )

I've checked their website and can't find it. I will check again in a few days.