Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Another benefit to blogging

Almost two years ago I noticed that our blog was becoming an extension of my memory. When I find interesting information that I think others might enjoy I'll mention it on our blog. And it seems at least once or twice a week I'll go back to my blog to dig up a reference or some link.

Recently I've started using our blog for a juke box. During lunch, or sometimes when I'm home working, I'll bring up White and Nerdy or The Day The Routers Died. We've shared The Homeschool Family, Momsense and now Pachelbel Bedtime with dozens of our family and friends.

Today I dug up Ghost Riders in the Sky. I heard this song long ago. It is a haunting song with a powerful message. It seems like few songs today try to teach children to be good, or even that there are moral certainties.

I'll add Johnny Cash's version to the blog. He does a great job:

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Dana said...

Extended memory...I like that. I find myself digging up links off my blog all the time. : )

Henry Cate said...

Yes. A very common thing for me is to be talking with a friend or family member and afterwards follow up by sending them a link to a post. Maybe it was a review of a book on the topic, or maybe it was something funny the conversation reminded me about.