Saturday, August 25, 2007

Maybe the principal will get fired

Last week I came across an article about a principal who renamed several high school classes students were in without telling the parents or students. Many students had been on track for college classes but found their classes had been renamed and they wouldn't be getting college credit.

The LA Times reports this week that this may be a problem the school administration won't be able to sweep under the rug in: Faculty, students seek ouster of school principal. The students have been holding rallies. This issue is staying in the news. District officials are hinting that they may put another person in as principal.

In fairness to Vince Carbino the high school does sound like a challenge. The school is understaffed. Several hundred more students showed up than was planned for. There have been hostilities between groups of students, some with gang affiliations.

There was a problem with a lack of appropriate text books. Vince Carbino appears to have tried to cover it up rather than acknowledge that they were short. The cover up worked for a bit, but then when students found out they complained. Vince threatened the students and then the teachers. The students and teachers didn't back down, and then public opinion came down on the side of the students.

Vince Carbino may be let go, but the fundamental problem of not having the correct textbooks may still need to be solved.

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Lisa Giebitz said...

Time for a bake sale, perhaps?

I always hated fund raising for school, mostly because NO ONE could tell me where the money went. Thus, I refused to do it. For the right textbooks for my AP class though? That's a different story.