Monday, May 14, 2007

We love Colonial Williamsburg

We had a wonderful day at Colonial Williamsburg. It has been a year since we were here last. Last year we got the girls some colonial dresses. They wore them today. As we walked around today several people asked our daughters if they worked there. One couple even asked for directions. We've been here enough times now that our daughters were able to help out. We talked some with one of the workers about how our daughters could get a job working at Colonial Williamsburg. Our oldest is 12 years old, so it will be awhile. But I think we'll be back often. Janine's sister and family are in the process of moving to Williamsburg.

If you ever happen to be south of Richmond, check out Colonial Williamsburg. It is very worthwhile. They give homeschooling parents a 50% discount. We bought a one year pass. With the 50% discount we saved about $50. The lady asked us for proof that we homeschooled. We asked how could we prove it? We had left our R4 form at home. She took our phone number. If you want the 50% teacher discount it would be helpful if you could bring some kind of proof.

The lady at the ticket desk said that during this time of year they get about 2,500 people who buy tickets at the Visiter's Center. She didn't know how many tickets the hotels and other organizations. In the summer this swells to between 5,000 and 8,000 people a day.

The girls had fun playing hoop and stick on the green. My youngest thought the stockade was very interesting. She tried out each one. She thought it was funny that because her feet are small she was able to get out of one of the stockades. My middle daughter didn't want to climb into any of the stockades.

We had our lunch under a large oak tree.

Next we went to a glass armonica concert. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I'll post about it a little later.

After the concert we spent some time at Quilts Unlimited. Our oldest has been babysitting a lot over the last couple months. She has a regular job on Monday afternoons. A friend of ours has a judo class and drops her 18 month old daughter off at our house. Our oldest has other random babysitting jobs. She's been making $6 and sometimes $7 an hour. At Quilts Unlimited she saw a colonial dress she liked and she decided to buy it.

We spent the last hour at Colonial Williamsburg walking down one of the main streets. We checked out several of the shops and listened to an actor protray George Washington.

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Melissa Markham said...

I love Colonial Williamsburg too. We went there during homeschool week this year. $5.00 a person a day. It was great fun. As a graduate of the College of Knowledge, I am always thrilled to return to my old stomping grounds! Glad you guys had a good visit! Sorry we are going to miss you when you are in our neck of the woods.

Henry Cate said...

We're thinking of taking a tour of William and Mary today or tomorrow. I don't expect our daughters would go here, but they might find it interesting to see what a university is like.

With Janine's sister and family moving to Virginia, I think we'll be back more often now.

Anonymous said...

We took advantage of the home school week this year. This was our second visit to Williamsburg and we loved it. If you are looking for deals, Classical Conversations got rooms at the Great Wolf Lodge for less than half price.

Henry Cate said...

Jamie, thank you for the suggestion. Janine has a sister in Virginia, and I have a brother, so I expect we'll be back again some day.