Thursday, November 30, 2006

Selections from - 30 Nov 2006

It has been two months since I've posted selections from Below are some of the links I enjoyed:

The Philadelphia Inquirer has an interesting explanation on The Economy Revealed: Why understanding economics is hard. Are there relationships which don't fit in the four types?

In response to Grade inflation Alan Johnson, the UK Education Secretary, is proposing A* grades for brightest A-level students. It seems like the right answer is to only give an A when the student has really done A work. Maybe in a couple more years we'll have A*** or A+++ grades.

Did you know that in space if two pieces of metal touch each other they will stick together?

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Sarah said...

Sorry, it is not directly the subject of this post. But I have seen online a very interesting initiative - a DAILY newspaper for kids aged 8 to 10. The name is My Daily 10. Have a look for yourself :

I heard, it has been developed by the guys that invented Brain Quest concept. It is worth a look.