Saturday, September 30, 2006

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The reports that Latin is staging a come back.

Also over in the UK is a report that Schools can fingerprint children without parental consent. (How are schools different from prisons?)

Still in the UK is a report of school leaders who have decided they know what is best for the children to eat. (They can't give them a decent education, but they know what to feed them.) The Parents feed pupils through gates! One of the parents says: "They're like caged animals at the moment ..."

And the last one from the UK: Montessori teaching 'better than traditional schooling'. The result of a study into how children do is that those taught via the Montessori method do better.

(I wonder why there has been some much education related news in the UK recently.)

Interesting news - by adding an "s" you have gmail encrypt all your email, go with:

Did you know that Great Titles Are The SuperWeapon Of Successful Bloggers? Some good thoughts. I may have to find a better line than "Selections from" Any suggestions? Maybe "The Best of"

Remembering names is important. Here are 9 Steps To Remembering Names.

And back to some school topics. In Denver, some eighth-grade girls, being the best of friends, decided to dress alike. And then the principal decides to suspend them. The principal said "the girls were suspended because they violated school rules, but he declined to say which rules they broke." The girls received a five day suspension. Dress like your friend, be put on detention.

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For titles how about "13 Fantastic Must-Read Stories from Reddit!"

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