Thursday, August 31, 2006

More from Kim on preparing to help your child receive many scholarship offers

At the start of this month Kim Anderson, of Mother-Lode, wrote The Half-Million Dollar Baby that her daughter had won over a half-million dollars in scholarship offers as a home-schooled high schooler. Kim has been sharing steps to help others maximize their effectiveness in preparing and applying for scholarships. She does a countdown:

Countdown: 5! Assess your starting point! Kim reviews some of the things parents can start doing now.

Countdown: 4 Aim for Success! Kim writes about the importance of reviewing your child's interests and having goals.

Countdown: 4 1/2 Kim shares some more ideas on how to "impress skeptical college admission boards."

Countdown: 3 Acquire Credentials Kim shows how to provide outside verification of your child's capabilities and accomplishments.

Countdown: 3 1/2 Kim has some additional ideas on "acquiring transcripts and resume fuel."

Countdown: 2 Account Assets Kim shows how important it is to provide a full suite of documentation.

Countdown to College Launch 1! And finally Kim walks her readers through the basics of applying for the scholarships.

If you have a child thirteen or older it would be worth reviewing Kim's posts. There is a lot of wisdom, proven wisdom, on finding scholarships for your child.

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Many thanks for the review, Henry!