Monday, March 27, 2006

Links to interesting postings - 27 March 2006 has a post linking to a nice, positive, article on homeschoolers at Princeton.

Spunky at SpunkyHomeSchool has a good discussion about how public schools destroy a child's love for learning. Spunky found a good quote:

The analogy used by one professor is very appropriate, "That's like a violin student who's only permitted to play scales, nothing else, day after day, scales, scales, scales. They'd lose their zest for music."

One of our first reasons for homeschooling was to help our daughters' love for learning grow, and not get squashed.

When the government starts passing laws about education and homeschooling, homeschoolers justifiably get concerned about the camel's nose creeping into the tent, or some times the whole camel coming into the tent. Christine at The Thinking Mother has a good review of the the differences in types of education in Correct and Incorrect Use of the Word "Homeschooling."

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