Saturday, March 25, 2006

Interesting maps of the world

Back in December we posted a link to a map of the world which showed countries according to how many people they had, not how much land made up the country.

Someone has taken this approach for lots of types of data. Here are some of my favorite maps:

1) Land area: Good to have for a comparison.

2) Total Population: Similar to the map we found back in December.

7) Population Year 1: Estimate on how 230 million people were spread out about 2000 years ago.

11) Population 2050: Estimate on how many people each country will have in another 45 years. I am not sure how much to trust these data, for I've seen a couple other places that by 2050 there will be a bit more people in the United States than in China. China has forced so many families to have just one child, and so many of those are boys, that by 2050, China will have heavily imploded.

17) Net Immigration: It is clear where people are moving to; the United States recieves over 37% of the world net immigration.

47) Cereal Exports: I was surprised to see that the United States exports so much grain.

If you want to see the overview of the maps, start here.

These maps might have a visual learner.

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Dana said...

cool...don't know how to do trackbacks from here to HSB or if that is even possible, but wanted to let you know I blogged about this, too...and added another unique map to the list : )

DavidofOz said...

The future population predictions are probably dodgy. The UN often posts 3 "predictions" - High, medium and Low - and then publicise the one that shows the most. The actual is almost always the lower one. I think the effect of abortion and contraception is under estimated.