Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Links to interesting postings - 14 Feb 06

Chris O'Donnell of O'DonnellWeb found a report on the status of education over the last 180 years. Pretty much every decade someone was claiming that education wasn't as good as it was the generation before. The report said that people have always been complaining, and that maybe there hasn't ever been a good period for education. In contrast is Diane Ravitch's Left Back A Century of Battles Over School Reform. Her book indicates that things have gotten worse. So it is possible there have always been problems, but the problems are getting bigger.

The Head Mistress at The Common Room calls attention to the attitude of the Chicago Teachers Union President which is "How we use Your money is None of Your business."

EdWonk of The Education Wonks calls attention to another new Carnival, the Carnival of English Language Teaching, already up to the third edition.

EdWonk also reminds us that the submissions for this week's Carnival of Education are due ttonight at 6:00 PM. Here's the details.

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Daniel Mangrum said...

Thanks for the link to the Carnival of English Language Teaching!

It's all about English as a Second/Foreign Language.

Welcome one and all.