Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Edgar A. Guest - The Dull Road

Sherry Early just posted a poem of Edgar A. Guest’s on her blog Semicolon. This reminded me that about two years ago our older two girls had memorized "The Dull Road." Some times when we have them do chores our middle daughter will quote "It's the dull road that leads to the gay road." Every once in awhile she'll recite the whole poem.

Here's the poem:

THE DULL ROAD by Edgar A. Guest

It's the dull road that leads to the gay road;
The practice that leads to success;
The work road that leads to the play road;
It is trouble that breeds happiness.

It's the hard work and merciless grinding
That purchases glory and fame;
It's repeatedly doing, nor minding
The drudgery drear of the game.

It's the passing up glamor or pleasure
For the sake of the skill we may gain,
And in giving up comfort or leisure
For the joy that we hope to attain.

It's the hard road of trying and learning,
Of toiling, uncheered and alone,
That wins us the prizes worth earning,
And leads us to goals we would own.

(Courtesy of the Gutenberg Project.)

It is our hope that our children will understand that hard work does bring the good things in life.

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