Thursday, February 23, 2006

Education columns from has two columns related to education.

Walter E. Williams write about a big problem in public schools today: Indoctrination of our youth. One reason why students come out of high school without an education is because too many teachers are not teaching subject matter, but trying to change the children. Walter Williams writes about how some teachers take advantage of their captive audience to try and mold the minds of their students. One of the issues I really struggle with in our public schools is that bad teachers mentioned in this column don't get fired. Teachers should be teaching students in their classroom the subject matter the students are there to learn.

John Stossel continues to expose major problems with public schools. He writes about how Unions fight to protect the nightmare. The nightmare John Stossel is focusing on is how hard it is to fire bad teachers. He reports "Klein said that out of 80,000 teachers, only two have been fired for incompetence in the past two years."


Spunky said...

The indoctrination has become obvious. However, the convenience to most parents outweighs the negative. So they scream and shout indoctrination and then smile, kiss Johnny goodbye, and send him off on the bus.

Henry Cate said...

Before we had children I really didn't pay that much attention to public schools. I had a cousin and a sister who were homeschooling, so it was something my wife and I talked about, but hadn't really decided on. Once we had our first daughter we started thinking more about it.

It wasn't until I read chapters two and three (Classroom Brainwashing & Assorted Dogmas) in Thomas Sowell's "Inside American Education" that I started to understand just how bad things often were in public schools. Those two chapters alone should scare most parents into pulling their children from public schools.

In fairness to many parents with children in public schools, I think a lot of them don't realize they have an option. For them it isn't picking between public school or homeschooling. They think public school is the only real option. Many of them don't realize they have a choice. And those who do realize, many of them are scared of stepping into the unknown.