Friday, January 06, 2006

Selections from Carnival of Education - week 48

The Carnival of Education was published two days ago. I've been distracted by promoting the Carnival of Homeschooling, so I'm only now getting around to mentioning The Carnival of Education. It is a nice selection of posts. The following are the ones I found especially interesting.

Scott Elliot of Get on the Bus talks about how music teachers in Florida are pushing for standardize testing for music. Some music teachers in Florida feel their jobs will be more secure if there is a test for music. This is another case where politics of education is distracting people from educating the children.

ReformK12 reviews some of the problems with teacher certificates. Homeschoolers are often hit with not being "qualified" to teach. ReformK12 points out that certificates are artificial paper barriers and little correlation to teacher effectiveness. There are a number of good points in this post.

Rhymes With Right talks about another situation of the politics involved in education. Louisiana Governor Blanco wants to spent a half a million dollars on fixing up her office, instead of spending the money on something more important, like education.

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