Wednesday, November 11, 2015

My oldest's thoughts about homeschooling

Hello, Everyone!

I am the eldest and I am back in town for the next bit. Dad asked me to write a post. One of the things I have noticed while I have been home is how adaptable homeschooling is for my family. I have a distinctly different learning style than some of my younger siblings. Homeschooling has allowed our family to adapt, first to my needs and then to theirs.

I was a late reader. My Mom was able to alter the curriculum to meet my needs and then alter it back as I learned to read. We went through several different spelling programs before we found one that worked for our family.

I am an auditory learner. I used an online program of recorded classes for History, Science, and English. For Math, we used Saxon text books and when I had problems with we added DIVE, a recorded math tutoring program. One of my sisters on the other hand, does better in groups or interacting with people and so she takes some classes at a local private school.

Homeschooling has worked really well for our family and one of the reasons has been how we were able to customize the curriculum.

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Chris James said...

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