Monday, October 12, 2015

Homeschool materials we use for 3rd Grade

These are the materials we are using for our 3rd grade son (who has a visual and language processing disorder).

Explode the Code – We are working our way through the series. 

Oral Language Exercises

First Language Lessons

Daily worksheets that I create myself – The date, a sentence , a few math problems.

Bob Books

Anything we can find about Dinosaurs.  Some of our favorites are Dig A Dino Excavation Kits.

Snap Circuits Jr.

Singapore Math 

Life of Fred Math Books

Story of the World

What your # Grader Needs to Know

Brain Pop

Peterson Handwriting

We do work on phonetics, but because of his processing disorder, he cannot read phonetically fast enough to gain fluency.  As a result, we focus on flash card reading.  We found online a list of all the words in the scriptures in the order of frequency.  I used this to create flash cards.   Since we read together as a family, he gets to practice the words in regular use.  He has a flashcard reading vocabulary of about 200 words, which goes surprisingly along way.  

For example, here are a few of the words that he recently mastered.

having   then    death    save     themselves     cause     house     Israel     Lord     give     called

We also use the online program Fast Forward.  This is an expensive program.  We have home access through an Educational Specialist.  

Science Class at Rock-it Science

Drama/Music/Dance Class 

Gymnastics classes - 3 hours per week

Cub Scout program

Homeschool Co-op Classes (Art, Choir, Lego's, etc. )

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