Monday, June 08, 2015

Homeschooler reports on her first year at college

I asked my second daughter to write about her first year at college.  Here is her report:

I have recently completed my first year of college. I had a fantastic year; I was blessed with wonderful roommates, phenomenal teachers, and an amazing congregation on my church. All in all, it was a fantastic first year. Because I have always been homeschooled this was an interesting experience and it helped me recognize the inherent college preparation that is part of homeschooling.

First, I know how to teach myself. Because I have several siblings and we are all in different grades I had to be able to motivate myself and understand things from the reading. I had wonderful professors, but when there are large classes they can’t do a lot of hand holding or explain things in individual ways to students. I already had the skill set necessary to learn new things. I can read critically, utilize google, and come to class prepared.

Secondly, I knew how to study. My roommates and friends were somewhat amused my constant use of flashcards, pictures, and other studying techniques during the beginning of the semester. However, during finals, people were often asking to borrow them. During my second semester of school several friends asked me to teach them how to study which was a little surprising to me. Because I had been homeschooled, I was very self-motivated. I wasn’t reliant upon compulsory attendance, repetitive homework, or other people for my learning. I knew how to learn and I knew how to remember it.

Another way being homeschooled prepared me for college was in basic life skills. Because I was often at home, I was often called upon for household chores. I knew how to do laundry, dishes, keep the house clean, and cook for myself. When a friend confided in me that they were somewhat worried about cooking for themselves away at home I was rather caught off guard. It didn’t even occur to me how my earlier education hadn’t just been academic. Homeschooling prepared me for life.

Finally, homeschooling taught me time-management and self-control. Homeschooling promotes a certain sense of freedom and responsibility. I was able to choose when to do somethings, but I was accountable for how I was using my time. By the time I left for college I was accustomed to scheduling myself and ensuring I was still able to do the things necessary. I wasn’t reliant upon parental motivation. For some, the first semester of college is a shock because the student is on their own for the first time, but because I had gradually taken more responsibility throughout my homeschool education I didn’t feel like there was much of a difference.

In conclusion, because I was homeschooled I feel like I was better prepared for attending college and succeeding academically.

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