Monday, October 27, 2014

Things I like about homeschooling by Baby Bop

Dictated by Baby Bop (our 8 year old son) to his mother (Janine).

I like homeschooling because…

1.  I can make a lot more friends this way.
[I guess he doesn't worry about socialization.]

2.  On holidays, we do special things.

3.  I can build a lot more awesome stuff.

4.  I can read the books I want.

5.  I can play with my stuffed animals a lot more.

6. I can study about dinosaurs and classical music. (ps. I love dinosaurs).

7.  I like to clean the kitchen.
[This one surprised me a little.]

8.  I like homeschool co-op, choir, play practice, and park day.

9.  I like that our violin teacher comes to our house in the middle of the day.

10. I like to make up sentences. (ps. It is really fun to do so).
[Note: to encourage writing, I have Baby Bop draw pictures and write what ever he wants.  I then correct what he as written and praise what he has done correctly.]

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