Monday, September 29, 2014

California homeschoolers - remember to file your R4 form

An easy option for California homeschoolers is to form a private school.  All the students in the private school can come from your family.  As a private school the State of California gives you a lot of freedom.  Part of the process of being a private school is each year you have to fill out what is known as the R4 form.  It is supposed to be filed between October 1 and October 15.

We take advantage of this option and each year Janine files the form.  I've forgotten who is the school principal of Cate Academy.  I think I was the principal at one point.  She may even rotate the position every couple years.

I have heard of California homeschoolers who have forgotten to file, but I've not heard of anyone getting into trouble in the last test years over forgetting to file.  Even with this history, I think it is best to try to follow the law.

So if you are using the private school option to homeschool in California, remember to file the R4 form.

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