Monday, July 07, 2014

A homeschooler's summer goals

I asked my youngest daughter, who will be a freshman in high school this fall, to share her summer goals.

Here is her response:


My Dad asked me to write about my three biggest goals this summer. They are:

1) Read 20 books

2) Keep on practicing math (Algebra)

3) Get better at computer programming.

In order to read twenty books this summer I have been visiting the library regularly, sometimes even twice a week.  I’ve been enjoying fantasy books along with some of the classics, like Sherlock Holmes. It has been nice to have the library as such a resource, and being able to find enjoyment in something other than technology is a blessing. So far this summer one of my favorite reads was “Ranger's Apprentice”

For math I have been using resources such as Khan Academy and ALEKS. I really like the progress reports on Khan academy; its great to see what you have already accomplished. This last school year I struggled some with math and I didn’t enjoy it. But in the summer I can do whatever type of math interests me, without the stress. I have found that I like factoring trinomials.

To get better at computer programming, I can also use Khan academy. It does also come in handy that my Dad is a programmer. He is planning on giving my sister and I some instruction in Python. It will be a nice way to get a taste of the wonderful world of programming.

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