Monday, June 23, 2014

My sister's impressions of homeschooling

To get a different perspective on homeschooling I asked my sister for her impressions.  Here is her response:

My first impression of homeschooling was 25 years ago of a relative’s daughter. I thought she was kind of weird. She seemed very socially awkward and overly dependent on her parents for her age.
So when my brother started a family 20 years ago and talked about homeschooling, I thought to myself 'uh-oh'. But as I have watched over the years, my opinion of homeschool has done a complete turnaround.
My brothers kids are smart, independent and socially okay... well better than okay, they are unusually great kids. Sure I am kind of a biased Aunt but I have been very impressed.
Henry's family is involved in a couple home school co-ops so the kids seem to get plenty of interaction with other kids but with a lot more adult involvement.

Through the co-ops, the kids are involved in band, plays and choir. I have attended several performances and have been impressed by the quality of the other kids in the co-op.
The smaller group size seems to provide both more options for growing talents and less possibility of getting lost in the shuffle that can happen fairly easily at a public school.

I guess it is yet to be seen what kind of adults these kids become but at this point they are smart, kind, resourceful and hardworking so I expect they will continue on that track.

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