Monday, April 14, 2014

Two down! Two to go!

Our oldest daughter will start serving a mission for our church in two days.  My wife and I have been reminiscing some the last couple days.  While during their high school years our oldest two daughters both took online classes, the two of them have taken very different paths on their road to higher education.

Both of our older two children started taking classes at the local junior colleges when they were sixteen.  Our oldest finished up her high school and switched to going full time at the local junior college.  Today as Janine and I were talking about the road to higher education our oldest daughter said that she saw no point in investing in an expensive university when she didn't know what she wanted to study.

Our second daughter has known for six years that she wanted to do speech pathology.  She did attend two of our local junior colleges, but she has always been firm in her goal of going off to a university as soon as she finished her high school education.

One of the wonderful things about homeschooling is a built in understanding that children are different and can march to different drums.

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