Monday, April 28, 2014

Homeschooling in the news

Back in the 80s and 90s most of of the news about homeschooling was fairly negative.  The mainstream media believed the public school system and repeated the mantra that parents weren't capable of teaching their children, and if they were, the poor children wouldn't be properly socialized.

For the most part this has changed.

Today I did a Google News search for homeschooling.  The following are the top articles that Google returned.  

Homeschooling is popular option in Oklahoma is positive for the first 95%.  It opens with a nice personal story about a homeschooling family who is doing well.  It covers the basics of the law.  And then it ends with a warning of: "But for some, so-called homeschooled student’s reality is a far cry from the picturesque scene of care and learning that thrives in the Shelton home."  One of the most frustrating things for me is how quick people are to point out the very rare instances of children suffering in a homeschooling environment and completely gloss over the tens of thousands to millions of students who suffer each day in public schools.

New Tell-All Homeschool Handbook Was Released Today By The Home Learning Association is basically an article on Terra Scholar E-book released by The Home Learning Association.  This 285 page book is touted as a great resource for parents who want to learn why and how they should homeschool their children.  I haven't read the book, but it is pretty cool that this news article is so supportive.

613 ways to learn: rabbi brings Jewish homeschooling to the Web is a nice article about a Rabbi's efforts to provide resources for Jewish Homeschoolers at his Room613 site.  This is also a pretty positive article.

How to Find Homeschooling Support provides several suggestions on how to connect to other homeschoolers.

There were several articles about the Duggar family.  Why Michelle Duggar Is a Great Homeschooling Advocate is one of them.

In Portraits of Weld County Homeschool Families Eric Hunt writes about being a mother and a homeschooler.

Cabarrus home schooling continues to grow is another positive article with details about a local homeschooling group in Concord.  It covers an upcoming event and goes over the continuing growth of homeschooling.

Does home schooling make kids more politically tolerant? was a bit surprising.  The claim of the article is that homeschoolers tend to be more politically tolerant.

Student takes home-schooling into wild, blue yonder is a pleasant article about a young man and his passion for flying.

There were many more articles about homeschooling.  All-in-all I was surprised at how neutral to down right positive these articles were about homeschooling.


J. Allen said...

Thank you for the mention about the "Terra Scholar" e-book. I just wanted to make sure your readers know that the e-book is free and it does contain a vast amount of hard hitting facts as to why homeschooling is better than public schooling. Anyone who has a relative, friend or neighbor that can't understand why a parent has chosen to homeschool will love this book.

Henry Cate said...

Thanks for sharing the additional information about the e-book!