Monday, December 09, 2013

Retiring outside of the United States

Why US baby boomers are retiring in Latin America covers an interesting trend where many Americans are moving to cheaper locations to spend their sunset years.  It is an interesting article. It talks about both some of the benefits of living in Latin America and some of the problems.

On a somewhat related note, my bother has put up a real estate web site for buying land in Anguila, where he lives.

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ChristineMM said...

My two uncles own property in Thailand and have been spending vacation time there annually. My aunt and uncle received medical procedures there as well as it was cheaper than Medicare and out of pocket expenses in USA.

I doubt they will move there 100% but one is there half the year.

They were both in the military and were very proud of being American and loved this country. Lately the way of life here is not measuring up for various reasons.

My husband feels that certain career fields for our children will rely on moving overseas where development is happening, that is where the jobs will be.