Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Book reivew: The Blue Castle by Lucy Maud Montgomery

Somewhere in my early twenties I was exposed to Anne of Green Gables. I quickly read all the books in the series and plowed through dozens of other stories by Lucy Maud Montgomery. One of my favorites is The Blue Castle

At the start of the story our heroine Valancy is twenty-nine years old. She has lived her whole life trying to be an obedient daughter to a controlling mother. Valancy’s soul is slowly dying. She is worried about her heart and goes to see a doctor. Dr. Trent mistakenly tells her she is going to die. She decided to start living her life as she wants and not how everyone else tells her to live. Then her adventure really starts.

I recently reread this story. It was still great fun. I’m not sure all the reasons why I enjoy it so. It is a well told story. Even though you know some of where the story will end up, since this is a Lucy Maud Montgomery story, it is fun to go along for the ride. I love the message that we can’t live our lives just for others, that we all need our own piles of dust and our own Blue Castle.

If you have enjoyed other Lucy Maud Montgomery stories, then I encourage you to give The Blue Castle a try. I think you will enjoy it.

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Jean said...

I do love The Blue Castle! Now I have an assignment for you: go read The Ladies of Missalonghi, by Colleen McCullough, and report back what you think. Comparing the two books is an interesting exercise.