Saturday, November 30, 2013

Now that there are only 25 days until Christmas

outdoor nativity
My sister and her friend have designed this beautiful outdoor nativity scene. They are selling it via the web.

We have one. If you are looking for the "perfect" outdoors nativity scene, check it out. (


Axellent said...

Hi Family Cate,
I haven't decided yet what to get for my mom for Christmas. But your nativity scene would fit beautifully in her backyard. There is only one question left: Is it possible to send the scene to germany?


Henry Cate said...

I just checked with Carolyn. She says they haven't done it before, but they are willing to ship overseas.

At the bottom of the the website is a "Contact Us" link. You can tell her which size you are thinking about and she can get back to you with how much it would cost.

Axellent said...

Thank you for your answer Henry,
I will write Carolyn a message for sure.

How are youg guys gonna celebrate Christmas? :-)