Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Should Christians send their children to government schools?

In Should Christian Parents Send their Children to Public Schools? Paula Bolyard reviews some of the points Dr. Albert Mohler makes about Christian parents and children.

Near the end of the post in this paragraph:

For many families, public school may be the only option. For others, it may mean difficult choices and sacrifices — including foregoing a second income. The stakes are very high. Consider the effects of thirty or more hours a week in a government school where you have no control over what your children are taught — where your local teachers have little or no control over the content of their lessons. Where the federal bureaucrats — many of whom have antipathy toward your Christian values — dictate what your children learn, all day long. How much time are you willing to invest in debriefing your children? Are young children equipped to discern truth from error, day after day over a period of many years? How will you convince them that you are the authority on any given subject — that what you’re teaching them is right — and not their teachers? Is it fair to put a young child in the position of choosing between what their teacher is telling them and what their parents and Sunday school teachers say?

Government schools are not supportive of parents' beliefs.  Parents have less and less influence on what their children are taught in public schools.

If you believe God is going to hold you accountable for the spiritual development of your children, then you may have little choice but to pull your children.

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