Monday, October 21, 2013

Another reason to homeschool - It is easier to see the doctor

One of the reasons we started this blog was to capture reasons for homeschooling. (Next week will be our eight year anniversary.  Wow!) We have posted dozens and dozens of reasons to homeschool. Many of these reasons fall into main categories of: better education, better family life and better social development.

Today a new reason occurred to me: It is easier to go see the doctor.

Our son came into our life almost six years ago. He was placed with us as a foster child of 14-months-old. For the first several months he was always just a week or two away from going home. But things didn’t work out with his biological parents and three years ago we adopted him.

Our son is thin and we’ve worried about his weight. He still hasn’t crossed the forty pound line. I took him in this morning for a check-up. A nurse weighed him and measured his height. The doctor checked him out and said he was doing fine. He probably will be thin and short as an adult. (Which may be a problem with the career choice of the week of being a football player.) But he is healthy!

It occurred to me that it was so much easier for us to take him to the doctors than if he had been in school. The doctor is more available in the morning so it was easier to schedule. And we didn’t have to fill out a bunch of extra forms for the school or get their permission.

Just another benefit to homeschooling!


Ami said...

When I went from home schooling to public schooling (after moving to an area with an amazing two-room schoolhouse), that was probably the biggest shock to my system - having to work around the school schedule! Fortunately my son has had a wonderful teacher (for K through 2nd) who believes that, if you have family visiting from out of state, you do not need to be anywhere near a classroom.

John Decker said...

This is a very interesting article and I have to agree that home schooling can be very beneficial. Home schooling has also been successful because of new technology that has come out. It is amazing what kids can do now with technology and it should help with their learning. There are so many new options of schooling because of technology. For example, my son decided to do online classes for college because he could live at home and safe money. He still got the education and degree but right from our house.

kat said...

Some of our children go "away" to Catholic school and the rigamarole of having to procure a note from the orthodontist to prove that we are legit is frustrating. After 10 years of homeschooling, I don't like someone assuming that I'm not acting in my child's best interest.

Mary said...

Hi, Aabegs, (a reply to previous comment) I am not seeing the connection of what you just mentioned that homeschooling will never give your child any learnings coz the way I understand the topic, It says that homeschooling your kids will also give you (the parents) a much better chance to be flexible with your time such as inserting your appointment to the doctor.

Janine Cate said...

Mary, the reason you can't see the connection is because it is a spam comment written by someone who doesn't really speak English and it needs to be deleted. We are a little slow to catch on the spam.