Monday, September 02, 2013

When teachers teach the Constitution they get fired

Joanne Jacobs has a post about a mind boggling response from a school board - Teaching the 5th draws suspension.  Her posts starts with:

When Batavia High School students were asked to reveal their drug and alcohol abuse on surveys marked with their names, social studies teacher John Dryden told them they didn’t have to answer. It’s in the 5th Amendment.

The 20-year veteran was reprimanded and suspended without pay for a day for what the school board called ”inappropriate and unprofessional” conduct. In a letter, he was ordered to refrain from using “flippant” or sarcastic remarks, providing “legal advice,” and discrediting any district initiative, reports the Chicago Tribune.  "Other requirements in the letter include that when Dryden is given a directive in a meeting, he must now repeat the directive back at the end of the meeting and agree to comply."

Just another reason to homeschool - You can teach the Constitution to your children.

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