Monday, August 05, 2013

Last Temp Standing

Last week I wrote about my oldest daughter's first "real" job.

Here is her update:

Two weeks ago I got my first “real” and “grown-up” job. I worked for a local college bookstore. They needed some temps for the rush at the start of the semester.

The first day there was eight temps, four at the counter and four runners. I was at the counter. I helped get the book list together and process the transaction and then would hand the book list to a runner.

After the first week they started to let some of the temps go as the rush began to end. There were now only three temps. Sometimes it was really busy and other times it was really slow. One of the temps then left half way through the week for school. Then on the Friday, the manager wanted one temp to stay till four to man the store while he was in a meeting. I got to be that temp.

The manager mentioned having some of the temps back for midterm and that he would like it if I was in that group.

It was nice to see some “real” validation off my belief that homeschoolers are just as competent if not sometimes more competent then their public schooled peer group.  I was able to work alongside adults in a “real” and “grown-up” job and I didn’t suffer in comparison.

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