Monday, July 01, 2013

A sign of success

One of the things we like about homeschooling is the opportunity for quicker and more complete mastery of academic subjects.  We think it is wonderful that we can tailor the instruction to each of our children.

But even more important to us is character development.  We want our children to be self-driven, to be able to set and work towards goals, and to learn to take ownership for their lives.

I am very excited that my sixteen-year-old daughter has taken ownership for what she will do this summer.  She has decided what she wants to accomplish in the next couple months and has built a chart to mark off her progress.

Here are some of the areas she wants to work on:

Saxon Math lessons & Aleks – Math is one of her weak spots
SAT & ACT sections – She has taken each test and will be taking them again this Fall
ASL – she wants to get ready for taking her second American Sign Language class
Exercise – strengthen her body
Yard work – help with the garden
House work – help keep the chaos at a low level
Violin & Piano – maintain and improve her musical skills
Good book – we strongly encourage our children to read more than just entertaining books
Scripture study – strengthen her soul

We may need to reminder her once in a while, but for the most part she will keep her chart in a visible place and stay on top of these areas.

It should be a good summer!

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Karen said...

These sound like good plans!
My 16-yr old daughter is making plans for herself too...a sign of success I would say! *wink*
Peace, Karen