Monday, July 15, 2013

A report from my youngest daughter

My youngest daughter recently turned 13.  We now have three teenage daughters!

I asked the youngest to provide a summary of her summer.  Here it is:

During the summer I’ve been trying to stay productive, with more than a little coaching from my parents. Luckily they’ve been keeping me busy. My father frequently reminds me to make a list each day as a way to stay on track. It has been helping.

Some of my goals are to stay fit, study my scriptures more, spend more time with family and last but not least spend time with my pet rabbit. In addition to all that, my parents have me doing yard work, house work and a little math. But I still have time for friends and biking as well as playing on the computer. (One of the family rules is we don’t get to play on the computer until after 3:00 PM.) It’s a good thing all my years of homeschooling have taught me to be self-motivated and stay focused.

This summer might not be overly relaxed but it has been fun and I expect it will continue to be very fun. I’ve had the opportunity to attend our churches girls’ camp, which was a great summer experience.

One of the greatest pleasures is being a parent and watching your children turn out well. 

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