Friday, June 14, 2013

Be careful about donating money to "charities"

America's worst charities is a long article about how some "charities" rake in a lot of money but do little good.  One common tactic is to give a lot of the money raised to the solicitors who raised the money, who often have connections with the leaders of the "charities."  And many of these "charities" have names which sound similar to good charities, so you need to be very careful. 

For example the "Kids Wish Network" (which sounds like the good Make-A-Wish organization) took in $127.8 million in the last decade and paid $109.8 million to solicitors.  Then those in the organization took a salary and after other expenses only 2.5% was spent on direct cash aid.

Janine and I never give money in response to a phone call.  If they sound legit we'll ask them to mail us.  Very few have ever followed through.

Be careful about donating money.  There are many bad charities.

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