Monday, May 27, 2013

Cate Academy Year in Review - Kindergarten

Here's a overview of  what Kindergarten looked like at Cate Academy (homeschool) in 2013:

At the most, we spent 30 minutes of "seat time" a day, in comparison to the 60 minutes or more a day of "bike time."  We are pretty "unschoolish" in kindergarten, but not true unschoolers because I regularly require a page or two of workbookish stuff and other written exercises.

List of Activities and Resources:

- lots of playing in the back yard

- learning to ride a bike without training wheels

- lots of bike riding

- tactile learning

- speech therapy twice a week

- lots of Legos

- gymnastics class

- Sky High (trampoline jumping place)

- science class at Rock-it Science

Science project

 - Get Ready for the Code – Book A 

- Get Set for the Code – Book B 

- Go for the Code – Book C 

- Explode the Code 1 

- Bob Books 

- Peterson Handwriting 

Notice the smiley face on the letter "g."
(I smudged his first name for safety).

- Wide variety of children’s books

- The “Fun Class” at homeschool co-op
(This usually includes a story about a country or animal and a craft project taught by a mom at co-op.) 

- Children’s choir at homeschool co-op

- Art Class at homeschool co-op
(We hired an art teacher to come in once a month.  This consisted of a variety of painting and drawing techniques.) 

- Spontaneous Educational Opportunities

Spring Clean Up


ChristineMM said...

Sounds like a wonderful Kindergarten year!

Henry Cate said...

Yes, it has been a great year for our son.