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XCOR Aerospace - Jeff Greason

XCOR Aerospace - Jeff Greason 

The founders of XCOR used to hang with the early Space Access.  XCOR is a private company.  They have been around since 1999.  They have developed several engines.  They developed the Rocket Racer.  They have almost 50 people.  Reusable vehicles can achieve lower cost if and ONLY if the capital cost of amortized life is low and the risk of losing the vehicle is low.  XCOR believe these things are not learned on paper.  Suborbital is a stepping stone to get to the important places.  Suborbital flight allows them to learn important lessons.

He showed a video similar to this:

Lynx Status

Everyone wants to know the status of the Lynx. They aren't done yet.  It is coming along.  It just takes time.  He showed some firings of the engine.

They recently worked with Boeing. The relationship went well.  And XCOR got paid.

Originally they had thought to pull out some of the complex avionic, but they have seen value to keep all the avionics.

They are done with the Aerodynamics.  Jeff really likes wind tunnels.

He showed pictures of the fuselage, the cockpit, the strakes, landing gear and nose gear.  There are several pieces still to finish and then they will put everything together.

The orbital vehicle:

The conceptual problems are solved
Lots of work ahead
Carrier Aircraft plus two rocket powered stages
The goal is $1 million per person

Midland R&D relocation

Midland, Texas - an odessa binary star system, two cities split by an airport.  The area has about a quarter of a million people.  Their new place in Midland is much bigger than their California site.  Midland has a lot of oil infrastructure.  Not sure when they'll be moving to Midland.

The full agenda for Space Access 2013 agenda.

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