Monday, April 22, 2013

Vacations are better when you homeschool

One of the great benefits of homeschooling is being able go on vacation when you want. 

I recently took a trip to Phoenix with my second daughter.  We went to the Space Access conference.  She had a great time hanging out with my father and brother.  After the conference last year she said she was interested in following the new about the space industry.  This year she decided she wanted to understand more of the science behind what is going on!!!

And this weekend my wife will be going to Phoenix with our third daughter.  The daughter is pretty excited.  She hasn't ever taken a trip when it was just her and mom. This trip will be pretty relaxed. They are going down to see family.    

We have friends with children in public schools.  They have to jump through all kinds of hoops to go on vacation during the school year.  The schools seem to feel they have the final say on if the children can even go.  (The real issue is the schools don't get as much money if the student isn't in the classroom.)

We don't go on as many trips as we used to.  Having a foster care child living with us ties us down.  We currently have a five-year-old boy.  He often sees his father a couple times day.  We are also limited a bit because our oldest two daughters are taking classes at the local colleges.  The oldest is taking 17 units.  The other daughter is taking a full set of junior year high school classes and two college classes. 

But when our family decides to take off a Friday it is great to be able to go when we want.


Karen said...

it's TRUE!
We just took a very long vacation to New Zealand!

Kathleen w said...

I agree completely! You get great deals and lower crowds, too. We take our family of 10 to the beach every fall for 3 weeks. Because we travel off season we get a huge house with private dock etc... for three weeks for what one week would cost during peak. We also go to Disney every year or every other year and rent a huge house (3000 sq feet) with private pool for 650 a week off season.... could definitely not do that if our kids were in school.