Saturday, April 13, 2013

Jim Muncy of PoliSpace - What's What In Washington

Jim Muncy of PoliSpace - What's What In Washington

Jim encouraged everyone to look beyond rockets.  Pay attention to what is happening in Washington DC and get involved.

We are asking Washington DC to allow us to continue to learn how to fly rockets.  Currently asking for eight years.  There is great concern regulations may be made on speculation.

The recent laws in New Mexico don't provide much protection.  Rockets are built from parts from other states.  So you don't get to chose the court you are sued in.  The proposal is that people sign waivers that they won't sue.  And looking to have the issues addressed in a federal court.

The law allows experimental permits which is less restrictive, but once you fly under a full license, you can't use the experimental permits.  They are trying to change this.

Jim doesn't expect a fight over lengthening the learning period issue.

There is a question on how much data should you be required to share with the government and with the public.  For the most part the rocket industry already shares a lot of information.

The full agenda for Space Access 2013 agenda.

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