Monday, April 01, 2013

Family scripture study

I like to have my children share their thoughts about being homeschooled.  It helps if I reward them with ice cream for a post.  Here is a short thought from my oldest daughter:

Hi, I’m the eldest writing again for the ice-cream that Dad bribes me with.

One of the perks of homeschooling is the extra family time. We use this time for family scripture study. It’s taken varies forms through the years. When I was young we might not even read a whole page. As we got older we were expect to take a turn reading as well as read along when it was our turn. Sometimes it was in the evening and other times we did it in the morning. Some months we were especially ambitious we tried for both morning and evening.

Right now we are only doing scripture study in the morning. At around eight Dad calls us together; we grab our scriptures and gather around the kitchen table. We go in a circle each one reading a verse till the chapter is done. Even my brother and "Ralph" (a foster care boy) take their turn “reading.” Really, they just repeat back what Dad reads to them. Of course it doesn’t always go smoothly. One little boy might start on my lap but move to Dad’s when they cause trouble. Sometimes some of the kids have to be dragged out of bed. But we manage to get through family prayer and family scripture study every morning.


study medicine abroad said...

great experience to study family scripture.

Annie Kate said...

We come from a family tradition in which every meal is accompanied by Bible reading. I am so thankful for this habit!

Glad you are doing this too! It will bless your family.

Dropping by from the Carnival.

Henry Cate said...

Yes, both my wife and I are grateful for the time we have to study the scriptures with our children.