Thursday, April 25, 2013

Another piece of evidence on just how inefficient public schools are in using money

Charter School Funding Disparity Exists reports:

Peer-reviewed, forthcoming research finds that charter school students receive an average of $4,000 less for their education than peers in traditional public schools in five major cities, all of which are foundation Investment Sites. While the gap is widening in some cities and narrowing in others, the research finds that traditional public school students receive substantially more local, state and federal funds than those who attend public charter schools.
In the regions analyzed - Denver, Milwaukee, Newark, N.J., Washington, D.C., and the Los Angeles Unified School District – at least one in every ten students attend a public charter school. As more families demand these high-quality public school options, this funding disparity has severe implications on how schools can rise to meet this need.

In general charter schools do at least as well as public schools is teaching children.  Now we find they do it for less money.

This is only partially tongue in check, but maybe we should close all the regular schools and turn them into charter schools.  It could save over $200 billion dollars a year.

Hat tip: Joanne Jacobs.

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