Thursday, April 11, 2013

AeroPac (Carmack Prize Winner) - Ken Biba

AeroPac (Carmack Prize Winner) - Ken Biba

John Carmack put up a prize.  

AeroPac is the longest club in California.    They are all amateurs.  They all have day jobs, mostly in Silicon Valley.  They build airframes.  They are good about reuseability and reliability. h 

Ambitious Goals:
Trying for 100,000 
Open Design - commerical motors
Efficient - low drag
Reusable flight profile
Usable science payload
Live webcast
Nice to have: Win the Carmack Prize

Two stage 4 foot and 3 foot
Long burn commercial motors
Composite construction
Two phase recover on both sustainer and booster
Rail launch

They focused on the drag.  They did a lot of simulations and analysis.  

They turned a van into a site for doing their tracking and telemetry.  They were able to integrate with Google Earth which allowed them to track in real time and see where it came down.

Ken showed some videos of the flight.  It was fun, the sound went away as they got into space.  They did three operation flights in five days.

They have started working on their 2013 rocket. 

They meet their goals.  Google helped them.  Google built a video, which costed more than the rocket.  The video will be part of a Google marketing program coming out in a couple weeks.  We got to see the video.  It was well done.  

They are putting all their video and data at here.

Here is a video Ken put together:


The full agenda for Space Access 2013 agenda.

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