Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Why don't more parents homeschool?

Sara Hoyt has a good post on public education.  In Malice or Incompetence? Sarah points out how our government schools have become places where children are being taught not to read.  She starts with:

Recently I came across a news article estimating that 80% of NYC graduates cannot read and write and are functionally illiterate. I’d bet those numbers are not far off across the country, and it wasn’t a surprise. What was a surprise was what my son told me when I discussed the matter with him.

It is so sad. It is hard to imagine that 80% are functionally illiterate.   


Anonymous said...

As the article states, it's 80% of the subset of students who apply to community college who can't read. Who typically goes to community college? Students who aren't prepared academically. My homeschooled son took a seminar and his partner was homeschooled boy who was 14 and could not spell, not even simple words like "general" and "sentence". That doesn't mean that all homeschooled teens are illiterate.

Henry Cate said...

As the cost of four-year colleges and universities continues to explode more and more students are turning to community colleges for a cheaper education.

Your is valid, that it isn't 80% of all high school graduations, but those going to community college. But it is sad that this number has climbed so high over the last couple decades. It used to be that public schools did a much better job of teaching students how to read.