Friday, March 08, 2013

Good column on problems with public schools

I check Glenn Reynolds' blog Instapundit almost every day, several times a day when I have time.

I enjoyed his column - Title IX for our boys.  Glenn starts with:

In The K-12 Implosion, an Encounter books "broadside", I suggest that public education may be in trouble. The problem is not so much that public schools are getting worse -- overall, they're more or less stagnant. We've been putting more money in and not getting better results out.

The problem for public schools, instead, is that the alternatives are getting better. Not long ago, there weren't many other choices: You could send your kids to a traditional private school (either religious, or socially upscale, usually) but that was about it.

Now there are other choices. Large urban school districts are losing students at an alarming pace. They're going to charter schools, to online schools and to home-schooling. But now there's another reason for parents to think about moving their children out of public schools -- the boys. It seems that teachers -- overwhelmingly female -- just might be prejudiced against boys and it's hurting their grades.

The column is short and worth reading.

And if you have boys in government schools you may way to pull them out.


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thanks for the info... its scary the issues that are still around.

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