Saturday, March 02, 2013

Cool article on how Google Search works

Google Explains How Search Works, Complete With Live Spam Slideshow is a fun article. 

It starts with:

Google today updated its Inside Search site, its homepage for all things search, with a handful of educational and interactive features that explain in layman’s terms how Google’s Search works. Did you know the web had over 30 trillion pages, by the way? Or that Google supports over 100 billion searches every month? Or that Google’s index is over 100 million gigabytes? If you find factoids like that interesting, you’ll probably enjoying a scroll through the new “How Search Works” live infographic, which also contains a few clickable links to charts and graphs showing things like the rise of spam, and milestones in Google’s spam-fighting techniques, among other things.

If this is interesting to you, read the whole article.

And you can also check out the Venture Beat article: How Google searches 30 trillion web pages, 100 billion times a month

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