Monday, February 04, 2013

A typical day of college for our oldest homeschooler

My oldest daughter contributed this post:

I have discovered that even after graduation you’re still a homeschooler. (This might be because I still live at home.)

I get up every morning and depending on the day will either make a family breakfast or exercise for an hour on the elliptical. Then in any free time I have between breakfast, shower, and putting my things by the door I practice piano, read the news, or be asked to feed my brother, read to my brother, find shoes, jacket, unload the dishes, or move a load of laundry through. Pretty much like home schooling was for me.

Then I get on the bus that takes me down to school. On the bus I read. Just like before, I take every opportunity to read.

When I get to school I go to class. Having not been conditioned that school is where one might socialize I don’t have the same problems paying attention that I sometimes witness. (To be fair not everyone talks in class.)

I then take the bus home. Sometimes I work right after school; sometimes not. It depends on the day. Whenever I get home I then do any assigned work, perhaps some math problems or a draft of a paper.

During the rest of the afternoon I could be asked to supervise a quick school lesson for my brother, clean a room in the house, or start dinner.

In the evening I might read a book, check e-mail, watch an episode of White Collar with my sisters, or help bath and put my little brother to bed.

While where I “learn” has changed how I study, what I expect my share of the chores to be, and how long I sleep have not. (I was really hoping on more sleep with out early morning seminary.)----------

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