Monday, January 07, 2013

Homeschooling and New Year's resolutions.

Here are my New Year's resolutions related to homeschooling:

1) Follow up daily with the kids on their "schoolwork."
I'm hoping for more than.....
Me: Did you finish your school work? Kid2 (age 16): Yes Kid3 (age 12): Yes Me thinking to myself (Did I do anything with Kid4 (age 6.4) and Kid5 (age 4.9) that could be construed as "schoolwork?"
2) Register Kid2 for the SAT and the ACT test early I don't have to pay for the late registration fee like I did for Kid1. 
 3) Keep up on the laundry. 
You may be wondering to yourself, "What does laundry have to do with Homeschooling?" 
If there are stacks of clean laundry on the bed and dirty laundry on the laundry room floor, 
I feel stressed and cranky.  When I feel stressed and cranky, the homeschooling doesn't go
as well.

4) Push Kid1 and Kid2 to get their driver's licenses that they can drive themselves and their siblings to the multitude of activities that I now 
drive them to. Then I will have more time to follow up with the kids on their school work, 
register kid2 for the ACT and SAT test in a timely manner, keep up on the laundry and 
do "school" with Kid4 and Kid5.


Shirley said...

Great resolutions! Good luck! And I totally agree with your assessment of laundry. If the laundry pile is huge or the living room is covered in toys, I get really stressed out and school does not go well at all!

Calyn Leake Zeiger said...

Laundry is probably our worst keep up with too. I've tried everything and just can't do it. I'm nearly ready to cut everyone down to a weeks worth of outfits... and that's only said halfway haha...

Awesome resolutions. I just started homeschooling this year and only one kid but it's rough. I've got about two years before kid two joins in but I have got to get a better system down if I'm gonna make this work!