Monday, January 28, 2013

"College Classes" by Daughter #2

Daughter #2 writes........

            Last week, I signed up for two classes at our local community colleges: an American History class and an American Sign Language class. The classes are at two separate community colleges. These two colleges are part of the same community college district.  I need one college ID for the both of the schools, and they have the same semester calendar. The credits I take at one of these two community colleges are valid to the other.
            Because I’m a currently a High School student, I can sign up for classes at the community college for free. I have to wait until two weeks before the semester starts to register, but it’s still a really good deal. How cool is it that I can get college credit without paying?
            The one downside to concurrent enrollment is that you can’t get on a waitlist. I probably won’t be able to get into the ASL class because there is a waiting list of thirteen. When I tried to sign up, I got a form so I can ask the teacher to add me to the class.  However, since I’m concurrent I have last priority. I’ll go to the first day of class and see how many people on the waitlist the professor allows to add the class, but it’s unlikely I’ll get in.
(My Mom is probably breathing a huge sigh of relief that she won’t have to drive me to college twice a week. Don’t worry Mom, soon I’ll have my driver’s license and you won’t need to worry about driving me to class! Just me driving to class… Somehow I don’t think that will stop her for worrying…. Hmm…)
I was able to register for a History class easily!  I’m really excited about that class for two reasons. First, History is one of my favorite subjects. Second, my big sister is taking that class too! It will be really fun to ride the bus with her and be in the same class!
Registering for the community colleges was pretty easy. We made an account online, printed the form, filled out the paper work, and went to the college to turn the paperwork in. Once I was accepted into the History class, they gave me another form and I was able to get a student ID. I’ve never had a school ID before so that was kind of neat.
On the whole, I’m super excited to start the History class and hopefully the ASL class. It’s another step in our homeschooling adventure, or me copying my big sister’s step. ;)

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ChristineMM said...

So glad you are excited. Your enthusiasm shines in your writing. Good luck with the classes.

The registration was similar in CT which stunk as so many classes filled, especially lab sciences.

In TX the homeschoolers earlier than dual credit (grade 10 and younger) and the dual credit (free courses grade 11 & 12) are same enrollment times as the rest. Love that!